(YouTube),Ways to increase the audience on your YouTube channel

Publish video several times a week!

Why are you being followed by users? Definitely videos and your channel content in general! (YouTube)

Every time users enter your channel, they are looking to see new and professional videos; So you have to post videos on your YouTube channel

several times a week to get your users’ feedback. According to YouTube reports, channels that regularly broadcast video once a week have better

performance and performance than other channels. If you are new to YouTube and want to increase your audience, it is better to publish it several

times a week (for example, 3 times a week) on a regular basis! This helps you a lot based on Google algorithms, and you can help increase your YouTube

and channel audience. If the topic of your page is specialized, your topics are similar and only the content is different; So you can increase the ranking of your

videos on YouTube. If users are satisfied with your performance, the number of video views, the time it takes for users to watch the video, and the amount of

video sharing by users will increase significantly.

Short video production and details known to YouTube channel users

Making a high-quality professional movie may be appealing to users, but it can’t increase your YouTube audience! Making a professional short film that lasts

more than 6 months is appealing to users, but your brand will never stay in the minds of users; Your videos should be available to users at a specific time, and the

interval between two videos should not exceed one week. For example, if you publish a video once a week, it is enough to publish it on a certain day or even at a

specific time! Suppose you manage to publish an interesting program and one episode a week should be published; For example, tell users they can watch the video

on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Try to choose the easiest and fastest way to edit a movie so that you can provide it to users in a timely manner. If you produce educational content,

I suggest setting up a home video production studio; Just use a colored cloth and your mobile camera to record video. Also, if you run a large business, you can hire a video

editing team to help you make quality videos as quickly as possible.

Show the result to the users before the training!

Many YouTube channels teach users something, but some are successful and some are less successful. If you manage an educational channel, you are definitely going

to teach users something! If the result is viewable, show the result to users at the beginning of the video and before the tutorial begins. For example, if you are a hairdresser

and you want to show users how to shave their hair, first show the result (final image after shaving) to users and then start training. This method helps users to see the final

result and if they like it, they watch the whole video. This will help you to increase the video traffic and you can easily make your videos one of the top videos.

YouTube videos should always have something compelling to offer; Providing stories to help users encourage you to watch the full video. The longer users watch the video,

the better your videos will rank among YouTube search results and the more users you will have. The most important goal in video production is to increase the

YouTube audience, which you should start by making it more attractive based on your opinion. Users watch the video to achieve a goal (like learning what is

mentioned in the video title!) But if they feel at the beginning of the video that they are not achieving their goal, they will not see the video. I suggest using the

story at the beginning of the video and linking it to the original video so that users can watch the video to the end.

Use a short title at the beginning of the video!

Users usually do not have the patience to read long content and prefer to read short but useful content! Using long titles will not help you much and you will lose

a lot of your users; But if you use a short, attractive and professional title to users, users will see your video. If your channel is related to a business or you have chosen

a name for it, put your name or logo in it! For example, if you teach something to users as an individual, show your name and photo to users in a very simple way.

Every time users see even the beginning of your video, they read your name and your image stays in the audience’s mind.

Golden YouTube for successful YouTube users
Golden YouTube for successful YouTube users
Use the End Screens tool at the end of the video

One of the most interesting and professional YouTube tools is the End screens tool, which helps you to provide the desired function to the users at the end of the video!

For example, you can put a link to your site or ask users to watch the rest of this video on another page. These will help you to greatly increase the interaction of your page

and help increase your YouTube audience.

Also, instead of using this tool, you can show your logo to users at the end of the video to help brand your business. In general, the End screens tool helps users to increase

the video viewing time; Because at the end of a video you want users to do something else (like watch a suggested video) but if you do not ask users to do so, they will leave

your page. The more useful information you give users, the more they will visit your YouTube channel and ultimately help you increase your YouTube audience and channel.

If you want to insert a link in this section, I suggest you do not use only one link; Reports indicate that the insertion of a link is for advertising purposes only and that users do

not click on it. Insert several links, such as watching the suggested video, receiving a gift, receiving a discount code, registering on the site, and , and ask users to visit your

site in one of the links! This will give you a lot more traffic and you can easily help increase your YouTube audience.

Remove items that distract users!

You must have seen the videos that cause distraction and boredom; For example, some videos have long pauses that bore users. Some things like long pauses,

extra body movements, heavy words and unintelligible sentences are some of the things that increase the likelihood that the video will not be seen by users.

Try to provide videos with meaningful, concise and fast videos so that in addition to saving users time, it can be useful for them.

Design thumbnails that encourage users to click!

If you log in to YouTube, you will definitely see a small image next to the title of each video! These thumbnails have a huge impact on users’ clicks,

and the more attractive they are, the more likely users are to click on them. These images are the most important factor in increasing the views of your videos;

Because when users are watching a video, the other section displays related videos that may include your video. The thumbnail of your videos should be so attractive

that users can click on it to see your videos.

Produce a video related to the most viewed videos on the YouTube channel

If you are looking to increase the traffic to your YouTube channel, you need to produce popular videos! You can find the most popular videos on your page with

YouTube Analytics. Just go to Analytics> Subscribers> YouTube Watch Page and identify your most popular videos! Now it’s time to make a video like that and wait

for that video to explode.

Generate long video to increase video viewing time

Before we get into this, we must first get acquainted with the concept of watch time! The amount of time each user spends watching a video is known as the duration

of the video. YouTube believes that if a video is of good quality, users will watch it and the viewing time will increase. Accordingly, one of the most important factors

for ranking videos on YouTube is the length of time it is viewed; Also, if a video is of poor quality to users or does not have good content, users will leave the video page

and the viewing time of the video will be reduced. The longer the average duration of your videos, the better YouTube identifies your channel than other channels,

which is why your channel is always displayed to other users.

Although short and useful videos have a much greater impact on users, but producing a long video to increase the video viewing time by users is useful!

When users watch a long video, they spend more time than shorter videos, and the longer the user watches the video, the better YouTube will rank you.

Movies between 7 and 15 minutes reportedly work best, but if you can provide users with useful content for longer, it will go a long way in increasing your

YouTube audience; So if you are going to provide useful content in a long video to users, do it now. You’ve probably seen channels that regularly post more

than 30 minutes of video, and of course have very high views.