Yashika Garg – The Youth Pioneer in Digital Marketing

Youth is the most powerful asset of a country. They are the one’s who have the mammoth task of shaping the future and lead the country towards the path of development. Our Honourable Prime Minister has mentioned it a many times that Youth plays a vital role in a country’s development. There are many who struggle to find their paths in their teen to adulthood age which is basically the age between 18-20 but there are few who are hardworking and passionate to find a path for themselves and work in order to achieve success. Yashika Garg, a young digital marketer from Punjab, is the perfect example to showcase the power of youth. As we all know that youth are the most active age group on social media, their opinions, ideas shape the whole outlook of it. A young and energetic digital marketer like Yashika have helped shape social media in a positive way and helped people and brands to build an online profile. She has made over 30+ websites for clients all around the world and has assisted more than 12 brands to build their online presence. The results are exemplary, brands performed extremely well and even doubled their profits under Yashika. What makes her special? Standing tall as one of the few successful woman digital marketers, Yashika has made a name for herself in this business. She uses Video Marketing just as a Magic Wand from Harry Potter and changes destinies of brands with her skills and talent. With her terrific video marketing Yashika has made 7 businesses successful. Truly Yashika is an inspiration especially for all the young females who would like to look up her as an idol and start working on their dreams.

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