What Josh Delaney Sacrificed to Start FAB CBD

What products do you offer at FAB CBD?

We have CBD oil, gummies, topical creams, vape pens, dog treats, and even some non-CBD dietary supplements that complement our CBD-based products. We’re always innovating to bring our customers the best wellness products out there.

What sacrifices did you make to get here?

The rise of entrepreneurship has been treated like a glamorous thing recently, but it isn’t. No one wants to work 14 hours a day if they don’t have to. I know I don’t. I’ve had to give up friends and family to build my dream business and lifestyle. As an entrepreneur, you take this on because you believe that you’re solving a problem that can help a lot of people. You’re building a business that will employ people and offer products or services that your customers need. You have to believe that your mission is so important, you’re willing to give up certain things in your everyday life. It can be brutal. I think it’s worth it, but you really do have to sacrifice just about everything to get there. The game is to keep your mental and physical health together while you do so. I lost a bit of each along the way and I regret that. Staying in shape and staying sharp is so vital to your long term success.

What makes you stand out?

I used to be all about motivation — building it, teaching others how to build it. But now I’m focused on strategy. People know me as the data-driven guy who will help you hone your processes and tactics. I’m here for the people who already know why they’re doing the work.

They just need help making it a reality.

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