What is it like to run a content house for TikTok influencers?

Content Houses are nothing new when it comes to TikTok. Audiences seem to love it when their favorite creators come together and collaborate and many content houses have seen a lot of success such as the Hype and Sway house. 

Another new content house that has seen a lot of success lately is the Top Talent House founded by Nour Khodr. Followers often only see the influencers but who is actually behind the house and companies that are bringing these influencers together? Nou Khodr is the founder of Top Talent Management and the creator of the Top Talent House. 

Under Nour’s guidance Top Talent House has grown to be one of the most popular content houses on TikTok. What does Nour actually do though? Nour purchased a house for four big content creators to live in. Nour lives in the secondary house attached to the main house to make sure the house is running smoothly while the content creators live below in the luxurious main house. 

Nour has set up guidelines for the house to protect the members in the house from COVID-19. Parties are not allowed at the house and for transparency Nour regularly invited parents to the house to observe the safety of the younger influencers. In terms of payment to his creators, Nour makes sure brand payments are delivered quickly to his talent using the concept of net30 which means that all payments will be delivered within 30 days. 

Social Media influencers are an aspiration that many people are pursuing these days and with the help of innovators like Nour and his company Top Talent Management, social media influencers are in good hands going further.

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