Wedding offer during India-Australia cricket match and interesting comments on social media

The Indian cricket team’s dream of winning the second ODI between India and Australia did not come true, but an Indian spectator in the crowd apparently found his destination.

In Sydney on Sunday, the Australian team gave India a big target of 390 runs to win, in the pursuit of which the Indian team was looking difficult as it had lost the first ODI in pursuit of a similar big target.

At the end of 20 overs, India had two outs for 126 runs when the eyes of everyone watching the match shifted from the ground to the stands. Even some of the cricketers of both the teams on the ground seemed to be distracted from the match for a while.

The video shows a boy in an Indian kit offering marriage to a friend who came with him, who was apparently supporting Australia. With him, the boy is seen sitting on his knees and presenting a ring to the girl.

It was at this point that commentator Adam Gilchrist also said, “Please and give him (the boy) a yes.”

When the girl said yes, the two embraced and the other spectators sitting with her also congratulated her on this new joy. The commentator said the boy took a bold step and said, “It’s always a dangerous game.”

Meet Dipan and Rose

Cricket Australia later interviewed the duo, Dipan and Rozi, in which they were asked about it. It was said in the interview that Deepan’s family must have been watching this match in India and they must have seen all this.

Rose said she did not know about the project but is now very happy.

“We are both cricket fans and there could not have been a better place for this work,” said Dipan.

He said that they have been together for a year and a half but they had been planning to propose marriage for the last one month.

To a question, Rose said that she would definitely like to invite everyone present in the stadium to the wedding.

‘The only Indian who won something’

The video of this unique wedding offer has spread all over the world thanks to social media.

Most people are congratulating the couple. While the boy’s courage is being praised, the possibility is being raised that if the girl had not said yes, the whole project would have been ruined.

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