Ways of earning money according to Mohammad Hosseini

Mohammad Hosseini is a digital currency specialist in Iran and a

mechanical engineer and the CEO of Hosseini Finance Collection, wallet

Center Store, VIP Studio, born on July 15, 1990 in Tehran.

The best ways to earn money from Bitcoin according to Mohammad Hosseini :

1- Drop or fast method, payment per click and small businesses

This method is one of the best ways to earn money from Bitcoin, but it requires a lot of patience and effort.

The income obtained from this method, like its name,

is very small and a clear example of the proverb is added drop by drop; But unlike the second part of the proverb,

it does not become the sea. Drop sites or fasts act to pay very little bitcoin for your activities at certain intervals.

2- Trader / trader earning money from Bitcoin

If you are in the stock market, you are definitely familiar with the term volatility.

Trading is exactly the fluctuation of the stock market. In other words, our brokerage! In this method,

you wait for an opportunity for the price of bitcoin to fall,

then buy some bitcoins, and after a while the prices rise, you sell your bitcoins, and through this, a lot of profit enters your wallet.

3- Promoting and advertising marketing links to earn money from Bitcoin

In this way, you act like a marketer, but instead of looking for a customer to sell your product in the city and shops,

you work on the Internet and behind your desk.

To do this , all you have to do is go to an exchange and select the product to advertise and receive your own link from the exchange.

Then you share the ad link in various spaces such as personal website, Instagram, Facebook or any other virtual place.

4- Selling related products and services

Another way to monetize bitcoin is to sell the products and services you want.

If you have a store website, you can make it possible for buyers to deposit bitcoins into your account instead of rials.

Many large sites around the world, such as Amazon, use this method in addition to the usual methods to get paid for their goods.

Mohammad Hosseini Specialist in Digital Currency in Iran and Mechanical Engineering He was born on July 15, 1990 in Tehran.

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