Thinking About Permanent Residency in the Bahamas? MCR Bahamas Group Can Help

More people than ever before are considering packing up their things and moving off to a far-away land where life is easier. We’ve now learned that just about every job can be managed remotely, which is why everyone from Gen Z to retirees are considering the potential of controlling where they live. If you tell someone they get to move to a place like The Bahamas, which abounds in unlimited natural beauty and splendor, they’d probably tell you you’re lying.

In fact, permanent residency in The Bahamas is a very real reality for those considering taking it today.  Of course, The Bahamas has its own rules when it comes to this privilege, which is why MCR Bahamas Group wants to clear up any questions or concerns today. Here is their overview of making Bahamian permanent residency a reality:

Residency in the Bahamas

Non-Bahamas individuals may enter The Bahamas as a visitor for up to two-months without any special paperwork. Upon entering the country during that period, the visitor can then take further action to make the series of islands their home. 

The Bahamas offers three levels of residency:

  • Annual Residence Permit: This permit is sought out for non-Bahamians wishing to reside in The Bahamas yearly. Generally, applicants that demonstrate the intention to buy land in the country will be given favorable status. The fee that comes with filing this permit is $1,000 Bahamian Dollars for the head of the household, and $25 Bahamian Dollars for each dependent. You will need to present: an immigration form that has been notarized with a Bahamian postage stamp, two passport-size photos with signatures on reverse of prints, police certificate covering 5-years’ residence dated not older than 6-months, fingerprint card, and a medical certificate. The list goes on.
  • Permanent Resident Permit: You can only apply for this permit if you are a spouse of a Bahamian after 5-years of marriage, you were born out of the Bahamas to a married woman who is a Bahamian citizen, are a financially independent individual who is the owner of a residence in The Bahamas, or are someone who has held legal work in the country for 20+ years. Major investors are given accelerated acceptance.
  • A Home Owner’s Card: Non-Bahamians who own homes in The Bahamas can apply to the Director of Immigration for an annual home owner’s resident card. This gives the owner, spouse, or dependent the ability to enter the Bahamas and reside there for the duration of the card. The card costs $250 Bahamian Dollars per year.

In order to apply, the applicant must be of good character at least 18-years-of-age or older. However, no matter how accomplished you may be, it is still up to the discretion of the Board of Immigration, or in the case of Home Owner’s Card, the Director of Immigration. 

The Bahamas is Welcoming to All Interested Applicants

MCR Bahamas Group knows Bahamian real estate well, which is why they are able to provide home and property deals to all interested investors and purchasers today. The team will also help all clients work through the individual application processes so nothing is overlooked. 
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