The World Of Entrepreneurship Made Simple With Sakeem Khan

The world of entrepreneurship is rather complicated because it requires the businessmen to have unique ideas and set themselves apart from other leaders who are also presenting themselves. Firstly, the concept an understanding of entrepreneurship must be taken so that we can recognise who is a potential businessman and how capable he is.

Sakeem Khan comes from a very politically motivated background. Beginning from his grandfather, everyone in his family has been actively participating in Haryana government. For example his father Rahisa Khan was an MLA in 2014 and then again a minister from the years 2017 to 2019. His uncle too was a Minister who worked for the government for quite some time. The grandfather had the longest of tenures, working as the Sarpanch for more than 3 decades! Not just that, he was also a minister of a number of government departments in Haryana.

According to the qualified Entrepreneur- Sakeem Khan, the following are a must have, without which one cannot practice in real life:.

  • Financial risk taking properties;

There is a lot of risk in the entrepreneurship world and a person needs to be mentally sound and powerful in order to understand the trends of the market. Baseless risks cannot be taken if there is no possibility for gain or profit.

  • Organisational and management skills: Being an entrepreneur means working for, along with and through a number of people that do not generally have the same kind of ideas about the workspace. They need to be organised and managed efficiently to make sure that a proper communication channel is being followed, constant reassurance is required so that the team is working along with each other instead of having any disagreement, be it on a particular project or any other grounds. Sakeem Khan does his best to avoid conflicts, working in an unbiased manner.

Apart from excelling in all the above mentioned qualities, Sakeem Khan is an outstanding and down to earth social worker. Having faced many challenges in life, the first one being choosing a different path of career rather than following his family and their deep connections with politics since the 1960s, this young man from Haryana knows his qualities. He is not only the director of central cooperative bank but also a huge name in the business world, being the owner of a petrol pump as well as a stone crusher company. One might think that this is a lot of responsibility to undertake but that is far from the truth. He is passionate about his work and gives his best.

Mr Khan has a lot of achieve in the future too. All his social work and help that he extended during the pandemic period helped him grow and get in touch with practical life. With great power comes great responsibility and he is ready to undertake them all.

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