Snob Concierge Takes Business Meetings To The Next Level

Is there nothing that Snob Concierge cannot turn to gold? Or glossy black for that matter. It was just announced today that Snob Concierge put together not one, not two, but three forms of absolutely phenomenal transportation for one of their clients’ business ventures. A Rolls Royce, matching custom glossy black helicopter, and absolutely gorgeous yacht with a heli-pad that matched as well. We are assuming the client had a few forms of business trips to attend and maybe some meetings here and there. One thing is for sure, they certainly arrived in style. Typically, Snob Concierge clients use their membership to set up fabulous excursions to impress potential business clients. We’re guessing that one of these luxurious forms of transportation was part of a business venture. Regardless of who or what this was for, Snob Concierge wowed us all yet again with top-of-the-line results. For visuals, head over to Snob World on Instagram to see the incredible photos.

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