Shikhar Saxena alias Sameer Saxena is an Influencer & Entrepreneur to follow

Shikhar Saxena popularly known as Sameer Saxena,a young tech-head is known for his celebrity management techniques in our list of a top entrepreneur.

Sameer Saxena is an Entrepreneur and the founder of ArtistoMediaEntertainment, an artist and social media influencer management company that aims to provide best artists and social media influencers for events and brand promotions. ArtistoMediaEntertainment has provided many famous celebrities in various events across the country.The young guy has got clients from various parts of the country who want to grow their social media presence or organise big events. At the age of 20, he chose to separate himself from the crowd and started working on his venture.

He knows how to make an average company into a brand in today’s competitive world through brand promotions.Sameer Saxena is a renowned celebrity management expert who is the founder of the top celebrity management company of India ArtistoMediaEntertainment. After gaining knowledge in celebrity management in the management field in 2019, he decided to start his own firm and hire some experts like him who believe in making big in life.

According to Sameer Saxena, it is no hidden fact in the current scenario traditional marketing won’t work, to take your name globally; you need a sound team that can work with the right content online. Digital marketing helps in generating more sales leads and also gives you efficient ROI analysis. Moreover he manages many popular celebrities and help many brands grow via brand promotions.

As we all know, India is still in the growing stage in terms of celebrity management and digital marketing, and Sameer Saxena’sArtistoMediaEntertainment is the best celebrity management agency you can get to take individual or company to the top in search engine. Sameer Saxena’sArtistoMediaEntertainment has a great team knows how to make individual and companies trending on google.

Being an Entrepreneur, Sameer Saxena knows his work is not easy as he is on a boat where he will face normal high tide in the big ocean of Celebrity Management. Sameer Saxena knows the fact he has to change his techniques from time to time with changing algorithms, and he does it well all the time, and this quality has made ArtistoMediaEntertainment the best celebrity management company of India.

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