Niyah Smith Shares His Debut Album ‘Ambition’

Fresh off the back of his smash ‘’No Kickers” with hackneys golden child SNE, this record has amassed over 100,000 views on YouTube and has had immense support from numerous new publications. Niyah continues to dominate the music scene by having his hands in many different pies in the music industry such as being an artist manager to UK based singer-songwriter Shauna Shadae and being the A&R manager at 54 London records which is home to UK superstar Stefflondon.

Niyah is a talented musician who can play the keyboard but can also engineer, mix and master to a good standard. His journey started way back in 2012 when he first got incarcerated, instead of just doing his time, he used his time in the best way possible by learning how to engineer and mix during this time. In 2019 Niyah wanted to broaden his knowledge by going to study about the music industry that he was already in, Niyah went to study a higher diploma in A&R and artist management at music academy school Nottinghill academy of music based in West London.

The album shows off his productions skills that he’s had acquired over the years. He has collaborated with a great UK producer that goes by the name of Timothy Smart, Timothy has produced for the likes of since 93 artist Cat Burns and Javan. They have co-produced 3 tracks on the album. Niyah has brought many different genres with this album such as rap, rnb, soul and a touch of pop.

We asked Niyah what the message was behind the album title Ambition, he responded “ I am a very ambitious person, when I was in prison, a lot of people thought I was never going to make it back or be anywhere in life. It was my task and mission to change this by using all my power and reach to make sure I stay on the right path and do better for my family and myself. Without ambition we are nothing, we have to set goals that others might think is unrealistic”.

We then asked him if there would be any videos that are coming out with the album? He responded “oh yes, I have two videos that are ready to go, I plan to shoot more for the album as time goes on, hopefully the world starts opening up again so we can get back to some sort of normality”.

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Watch the official music video for no kickers here:



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