Mr. Mixer, a film about Iranian musicians including Javad Safaee

Mr. Mixer, including Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid, had numerous limits. Mr. Mixer is a film about blending and dominating.

This is about how solid designers work in Iran while there is no school for sound designing preparation.

What amount of inconvenience do Iranian musicians have?

Most musicians in Iran don’t have a clue what worldwide copyright is and utilize numerous shaky modules on their PCs.

Since Iran has no agreement with global copyright. So producers and Mixers don’t know what their licenses are and how they can associate with the world.

Javad Safaee and numerous various artists have this sort of issue, as well.

What is the principal motivation behind the film?

This film’s principal reason and topic are introducing the limits and difficult work of artists and individuals who produce music.

The film’s principal financial backer from the movie (in music) to the film (Mr. Mixer).

This film was made with the speculation of Iranian business visionary (Pooria Ghohroodi).

This astounding film required a solid financial backer to cover his movement and shooting costs, and so forth (pooria ghohroodi dominated) Pooria Ghohroodi Born and brought up in Tehran.

Pooria is an athletic figure in Iran. He has a mechanical center. He is the best expert for intriguing vehicles, and he has a few portions of BMW.


Javad Safaee (as Mehdi), Mohsen Parhizkar (Avid), Farshad Amini, Babak Khalil Pham (Babi M) act in this film.

Javad Safaee is the maker of the Traditional and Industrial style. Javad Safaee likewise has a blended collection.

Close to him, and we consider Mohsen to be Avid, Farshad Amini, and Babak Khalil Pham. Omid Omidy is the maker of the film, and Ali Asadi composed the content of this film.

The film alludes to how Iranian writers created music.

A short biography of Javad Safaee

Javad Safaee (born January 1, 2001, Torbateheydarieh) Is a musical artist musician, arranger, composer of film music.

Javad Safaee main style is non-verbal and he sings less in his music and has many works in this style.

Javad started his work in 2015 and in 2018 he released his first and most official track.


  • Mixed (album)
  • M & y
  • Lock
  • Alone
  • Last Call
  • Crazy Mode
  • X E S
  • Jungle
  • Cocaine Mode
  • Rain Mode
  • The Way of Music (TV Series)