Meyson, the international singer of “Mahtab”, explains how the project started.

Thank you for accepting our invitation. Tell us a brief introduction of yourself.

My name is Meysam Khosravi with the artistic name “ meyson “, born on 26 january 1993 in Birjand, South Khorasan Province. I have been very interested in music since I was a child, and I started playing music seriously when I was a teenager. I was about 14 years old.
first I listened genre of dance and house musics
A year later, with FL Studio software, I started composing our sounds and melodies. It was the peak of rap style in Iran at that time, and it was very hot to make beat rap market. Well, I also played beats for the rest, and this caused I was able to become a professional electronic composer very soon. I was 17 years old when I bought a guitar with an instructional book and started learning guitar and it made a lot of progress in my composition and I also made our melody much easier and it had a very good relationship with something. That came to my mind. I made and sang things in pop, chillout, rock style. After that, I bought a lot of instruments such as setar, dulcimer, piano, etc. I was always thinking that I could make my own style, a style that Be emotional and happy. I also put on the composition training site, in many competitions, my music was the best music in different styles. Virtual made me more connected with different countries and I started the first international music with India. I released a music called “ Mahtab ” with my own composition and my own singing and an Indian singer and a singer from the United States which had very good feedback. I have also collaborated with various musicians from Russia, the United States, China, Italy, Colombia, Qatar, etc., and I am still collaborating with many different countries.

Why did you choose this path?

I chose this path because I am really interested. It does not give anything to the feeling that music gives me. I do not notice our passing at all when I go to my studio. For example, I go to the studio in the morning and when I go out I see it like night! I loved the singer.

Explain more about your intellectual perspective Give.
Well, you see, music is not an ordinary language, it is the language of the soul. For example, when you have a headache, you take a pill and you get better, but when your soul is upset, for example, sadness, soft music and lightness make you feel good or very happy, just good music It can satisfy and have a positive effect on Ruth. Well, this is not a small thing, and I want that. I even make my music in 2 languages ​​or even multilingual and I collaborate with singers from different countries so that I can do it globally. For a series of my music I use special musicians. For example, the music I make for India is made by musicians. I use the same country to make this connection much closer.

Where and in what place do you see the end of your path in music?

I think this path has no end! I want to go forward as much as I can and be better every day than yesterday. I can say that I try my best to make my music world-class and world-class concerts in different parts of the world.

What is your most important wish? What is it that you always think about and seek?

The most important wish for health and always good days for all people is that there is no border between the people of the world and we can all communicate easily and also Iranian music can be heard and known all over the world and we can hold concerts in Persian all over the world. do.

What do you think about the problems of artists’ insurance, especially in the field of music?

I am not yet the insurance of artists and I am not pursuing it yet. I think insurance is very difficult for artists, especially music in Iran, because they read documents that you can not get in Iran !! I think this is so that no one can find me!

Do you have any criticism about the country’s music?

I do not criticize the music of the country, but I criticize a series of things that have caused the original music of our country to fade so little. Well, we can bring Iranian music to the whole world by combining original Iranian music with market music.