Meet Mohammad Nayem: Young Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

Have you every thought what’s the age when people start to think about their career and earn money? If you think about it, the answer that will come to your mind is 20-25. 20-25 years is the average age when most of the people start to think about their career and money. Well, this was not the case with Mohammad Nayem.

Mohammad Nayem, born on 15, June 2003, A young digital marketer from Dhaka, Bangladesh started to hustle towards his dream at the age of just 14!. Nayem was just 14 years old when he started working with a Pune Based Company.

Mohammad Nayem was helping the company get a good online visibility by managing their Ads on Social Media. After working for more than 1.5 year with that company and giving them very good results Arnav worked with a couple of more companies with Facebook & Google Ads.

He is 19year old now and is working for about 3 years in this field. Now He is a well known digital marketer specializing in Ads, Content Marketing & Online reputation management. Currently he is working with A bollywood instrument player, A sports media company and 3 other Pune Based Companies.

Mohammad Nayem does a detailed study, gains full knowledge about anything that he will be working on in future and then starts working upon it. This needs to be done as there are regular updates on every social media platform and google. This habit of doing any work with complete knowledge makes him successful in whatever he does. He says that this must be done by every digital marketing guy so as to get the best result for their client in the given budget, and most of the companies do not have a very huge budget to spend. So, a digital marketer must be fully efficient in his/her work.


Nayem believes that there is a lot of scope in Digital Marketing in near future as going online is not just an option but a need in the current scenario. Most of the people prefer to buy anything while sitting comfortably at their home. So in very near future most the business will have to go digital to boost up their sales and for this, they will need an expert for sure to get the best results.

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