Mearaj Tabasilotfabadi, famous Middle Eastern composer

3 reasons for not succeeding in making music according to Mearaj

  • 1. You do not take your music seriously

If music is a minor part of your life, please give up music. Talk to people who are willing to move on to music.

If you believe you have something to offer in the world of music then please take your music seriously.

Being serious does not mean false self-confidence or saying bad things to other artists.

It is an important part of your attitude towards your music. Take your music seriously, that is,

try with all your might to gain knowledge, experience and promotion in your work, despite all the shortcomings.

If you do not take your music seriously, you will not pay for it, so you will not succeed.

  • 2. Your definition of cost is wrong

If you have heard the story of wealthy people, there is usually something in common in their lives. That is spending to invest.

That is, they spend to earn many times more.

But this is not the view of unsuccessful people, but they think that if they spend money on their music,

they are actually wasting their money, and receiving nothing in return.

So they decide to do the whole thing themselves. These people are unaware of an important issue. Mearaj Tabasilotfabadi

That is, they should not go to work without expertise. Like broadcasting, advertising, mixing, mastering, etc…

is just one thing to consider when spending (investing). Choosing a skilled and committed individual or group.

Mearaj Tabasilotfabadi
  • 3. You do not budget for your music

The next excuse for not choosing success is probably that you do not have enough money.

As we have mentioned, this is just an excuse and a license that you are listening to.

Listening to the excuses of your mind, insulting your personality by yourself. Mearaj Tabasilotfabadi

The solution is to budget for your music goals. That is, consider the stages of production,

production and distribution of music, any part in which you do not specialize,

with the appropriate budget, get help from experts to increase the final quality of work.

Mearaj Tabasilotfabadi known as Marg Lotfabadi is Persian artist that has forbidden to fly back to his home.

He start his music journey when he was 15 and after 15 years he meet with his old friend Amir tataloo the great Persian artist.

they start to make many musical projects like Ghilivili,Allah, Oon dige nemitoone,Amir Tataloo,Shab2,Man3 and…

Mearaj said making music is my mission in this world and I can’t decide to do it or not.

There is many subjects that people can read about them or watch the

movies about them but some subjects are just hidden in melodies and

frequencies , some are behind the mind of a music producer that you have

just listen to that.

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