Mahnaz and Saman Jafari, music is a part of our existence , hoorsa band

Hoorsa means “like the sun” in Persian. “Hoorsa band” is an Iranian pop music group whose members are “Mahnaz Jafari” and “Saman Jafari”.

The couple formed the band in “Denmark” in 2019 and were able to leave a very good resume in a short time.

Mahnaz was born in 1982 and has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in sports physiology.

Saman was born in 1982 and studied marine sciences. The couple were married in 2012 in Denmark and have a daughter named Artemis.

Saman started learning music in 1999, but due to the cultural conditions in Iran, he could not publish much music.

Among Saman old works, we can mention “Mobarakeh” arranged by Amir Khajeh Mehdi and “Faryad”, “bi kasi” and “Ghorbat” which were broadcast on “Farsi One” and “Farsi One Stage Competitions”.

“hoorsa band” has more than 28 tracks so far, the most famous of which are “banoyeh man”, “mano to”, “vorod mamnoo”, “chatre abi”, “azabam nade”, “ghasedak”, “divoneye lajbaz” And called it “kouh.”

This group works without support, which in its kind can be called one of the most independent Persian music groups.

Although this group operates outside of Iran, but all their works are broadcast from reputable Iranian sites such as “Tehran Music, Come to Music, Ganja Music and Next One Music, …” and are licensed.

Also, all the music of this famous group is available in all world-famous platforms such as “Apple Music”, “Amazon”, “Spotify” and “Google Play”.

This group is also known in Google and has an official license from the Danish government.

Did music play a role in your migration?

No, we decided to emigrate because of the problems in Iran. I thought at the time of emigration, it was a better place to live away from problems and stress. We started music professionally again several years after emigrating.

What do you think about artists’ insurance, especially in music?

I do not know much about insurance problems in Iran. But according to studies, I know that these problems are more for pop and rap singers.

The House of Music insures artists after qualification, and as far as I know, unfortunately this only includes musicians, composers,

Teachers become classical and traditional singers.

Who would you like to be?

The answer to this question can be difficult for me
But if we assume that the first thing that comes to my mind is to say Mr. Siavash

Siavash Ghomayshi, I love him and I am still following his works Is it possible to earn money with Iranian music?

Unfortunately, in Iran, like in Denmark, there is no goal setting from childhood to find talent in schools and to find the way of people.

They are called Mafia, without them you will not get the income you are entitled to.

You will not get it again because they take away a high percentage of your right to make you famous and think that you have risen because of them and not because of your talent.

Did your daughter’s presence change your life?

Artemis was not a presence, it was more like a miracle that could happen to us in our lives, perhaps we can boldly say that our lives are divided into before Artemis and after Artemis,

one of the best things that happened in our life together. Artemis was unique.

It really can’t express the feeling of being a parent. We must also admit that Artemis was one of the reasons we started music again.

Because Artemis also has a lot of talent in this field and during her kindergarten, her coaches considered Artemis to be one of the best in singing and they hope that

Artemis will be able to find and continue the right path in this field.