Luke Acree: Commit To Your Vision

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

Truly, I’m proud of two things. I’m proud of building out our sales team. We went from basically no callers on the phone to over 100. The other thing I’m proud of is being in the trenches since I joined the company. I did sales calls to teach my team how to do them. I worked with clients to teach my team how to handle them. I’m proud to have been this hands-on through the entire process.

What has surprised you most about running a business?

I’ve learned that you need to hold people accountable. You need to have incredibly high standards and refuse to waver on them. Not everyone will keep to their word just because you will. People aren’t bad, but some do need help being held accountable.

What’s your advice for others hoping to do what you’ve done?

Set a vision and commit to it. It has to be big enough to keep you working at 11PM. It has to be big enough to overcome criticism from those around you. And once you have that vision, you have to commit to high standards of discipline to achieve it. Every single day, you need to hold yourself to the highest standards.

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