Louie Bravo: The Emerging Music Producer

Every single person living on the planet earth is fond of music. It is said that “Music is to the soul as the food is to the body”. But when it comes to pop and rap kind of beats it is often the American music that is preferred the most by every second person around the world. Because America has given birth to the very gifted and mind-blowing artists, singers, actors, and music producers.  Louie Bravo, well known as Louie the music producer is one of such gems from America. However, Louie is an immigrant to America but he considers it as his motherland because he thinks it is America that nurtured him to be what he is today.

Since the day Louie came into his senses as a toddler he started playing with music, he loved to create music with every instrument he could use as a tool. Even he smashed the class desk to produce music and danced to it with his friends. He dreamt to be what he is today. It was his curiosity that led him to see what the music world was all about. Now he is ready to show his talent to the masses around the world. Louie has been to many concerts around his city where he has been breaking local artists with his production. He switched to a YouTube channel in 2016. He uploaded his last music video 2 months earlier at the time of writing his story.

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