Kian Darat Famous musician and guitarist

Kian Darat, is the fourth child of the family. was born on the 21st of April 1985 in Gorgan province of Iran.

He is an Iranian musician, guitarist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and has been graduated in microbiology from Azad University in the year 1988.

Kian Darat entered the world of music as a teenager through his older brother named K1, in fact his main motivation was him.

He has been interested in marital arts since childhood and won several international gold and silver medals in his youth.

From the very beginning, He learned to play the guitar and compose with his younger brother named Yuna .

They started break dance together and won medals in this field..

His greatest interest is in traditional music and Iranian instrumental music, at the young age he meets

one of his singer friends named Shams Ferendeski and both of them learn this style of music and move forward.

In general his interest in music let him to go this way. The world of music was a strange world for him.

He practiced to learn the instrument for 13 hours a day.

He plays Tar,Setar and Iranian instruments more and is more professional in them.

Kian has many friends in the world of music due to him artistic mastery and ability & mastery in the number of instruments he plays. (20 instruments).

He has a very sincere and friendly relationship with Amir Abbas Golab,Behnam Bani and Horosh band and has a lot of cooperation with all of them.

Kian has played music in the Iranian television series (Hamgonah and Aghazadeh).He played and recorded more than 3000 songs in the studio5