Keyvan Davoodi , a borderless Iranian artist

Thank you for accepting our invitation. Tell us a brief introduction of yourself

I am Keyvan Davoodi, I was born in 1983, I started my official singing activity in 1996.

And I realized that from the age of 8 I have a lot of talent in singing. He has a master’s degree in civil engineering.

My goal in singing is to connect with different cultures and to promote the musical culture of the people and to interact and exchange emotions as a common language in the world.
The instrument I play and has been playing the guitar with me for many years.
My motto: If one cannot express one’s feelings in any field, one cannot develop one’s own art.
I can play Turkish, Persian and Istanbul songs in three languages.
I also had professional experience in various fields such as sports, civil engineering, modeling … professionally.

  • As someone who has been working in various fields of music for many years, unlike other artists, you have never sought margins, what is the reason for this?
    During all these years of activity, I have never sought to become a media and cause controversy. I always tried to work away from any margins and work in the best possible way in the field of music.

Don’t you think that turning off the lights will cause others to abuse you and your art?
It is true. I think someone who works in art needs to be seen to survive. Basically, art is for people, otherwise everyone would sit in the corner of the house and beat and build and read for themselves, and the water would not move! But this is not called art. The essence of art is to be popular. God willing, from now on, his activities will be mediated more than ever

Do you think that the current atmosphere of the music community is a good atmosphere for the production of magnificent works?
Unfortunately, I have to say that good music is lacking. Although the conditions are right for musicians to publish good works, there are no healthy ears to hear them. People have become very consumerist and listen to the consumer music of famous overnight singers and composers. Even if it is supposed to produce luxurious and well-known music, the audience should be looking for it. Because people’s ears are full of all kinds of anonymous music! Unfortunately, as new generations come to the music community, they produce music based on people’s demand, and this has caused valuable music to fade in the community.

Who do you blame for this?
First of all, the authorities are to blame because they have to provide the conditions for people to listen to good music, but the people are no less to blame. Despite all these social networks, they do not allow themselves even a simple search. It is interesting that they give examples from Western culture as much as they can for social issues, but in the field of music, they do not have a correct model from the West, for example, to say that this music is good and glorious, and from now on we listen to music based on this. It should be noted that the traditional music of Iran has been completely abandoned and if it were not for the greats of this field, this music would have been gradually forgotten.

As a music writer, what is your role in this? Because it seems that the fault lies with others?
I did not say this to say that music makers and producers are innocent! They play an important role in this unfavorable atmosphere. Unfortunately, they are looking at demand more than anything else. The atmosphere is dominated by music, supply and demand. The musicians sit down and count the books to see what kind of music people like the most, then follow the same and make something by imitating and copying the previous version, and a lower singer reads it and eats it. Give. As one of the smallest members of this large community, I have to say that unfortunately I do not envision a good future for music.