Kashmir Solidarity Day 2021: Worldwise Kashmiris are demanding Right to Self-Determination

On February 5 every year, federal and provincial governments of Pakistan hold rallies, public meetings and seminars to support Kashmiris ‘Right to Self-Determination’ under the United Nations Resolutions.

On the other hand, International community worries planned genocide in Kashmir by Indian Army.

Though Pakistan has been the most active supporter of Kashmiri’s rights, observing ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ is not Pakistan’s initiative solely. Kashmir Day has been observed historically right from 1932, after being first proposed by the then Kashmir Committee. In the 1930s, the day was observed to express camaraderie with the Kashmiris’ struggle against the autocratic Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. In present day context, Kashmir Day is being celebrated to show solidarity with the struggle of Kashmiris against India. Basically, it [Kashmir Day] started from undivided Punjab and it has been celebrated ever since, with pauses in between. This day will continue to hold importance until the Kashmiris achieve their objective of right to self-determination.

Pakistan has officially been observing Kashmir Day since 2004. The-then Pakistani prime minister, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, visited Muzaffarabad on February 5 and addressed a joint session of the Legislative Assembly and Council. India terms it a bilateral dispute and avoids internationalizing the issue.

Indian continuous human right violations in the Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) Valley have made J&K a tipping point. The international opinion is with Kashmir and against India’s human rights violations. London’s Labour Party leader Keir Starmer clearly and aptly gave words to Kashmiris emotion through a statement that “his party’s position on Kashmir has not changed and it still supports and recognises UN resolutions on the rights of the Kashmiri people”. Keir Starmer stressed “the importance of hearing the voices of the Kashmiri communities and upholding respect for international law and human rights”. 

Since the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, a series of clashes have been occurring, leading to martyrdom of Riaz Naikoo and many more. According to Mr. Wani’s father, “Indian Army has thrashed everybody here … In any case, everybody does not turn into an activist or freedom fighter. It relies upon the amount one can take. Somebody’s ‘Ghairat’ (self-respect) gets tested consistently, so he chooses to reply. Others choose to remain calm. My child could not stand to see the abominations and the mortification, so he picked this path. Burhan’s fight is not only for himself but for the whole Kashmir and for the sufferings of people of Indian occupied Kashmir.”

The situation in IOJ&K worsened after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A of Indian Constitution by India, which changes the legal status of the Valley. To suppress Kashmiris right of self-determination, India has augmented its paramilitary forces in the Valley soon after the revocation of Article 370. 

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