Interview of Gal Stotland

Gal Stotland is a 26-year-old famous model and fashion blogger. At such a young age, he has managed to earn more than 200k followers on Instagram through his creative and incredible content. His Instagram profile is full of selfies and photos, each with a diverse mood and attitude. Not only he took modeling to the next level but also set a competition for the other male models. Moreover, he has become the center of attention in the industry as he is doing a very unique and exclusive fashion blogging. Check out his new content at

A little history about young Gal Stotland

Gal started his journey in the field of modeling in 2017. He did not have many followers back then on Instagram, but in showbiz, he was well known. Yes, besides a model, he is an actor and a dancer too. In the past, before the modeling, he has performed in many TV programs. He was famous for his role with his best friend as ‘yuv and gal.’ People adored how both friends dressed like each other and performed as twins in the show.

Currently, he is not working in a specific TV program, but he continues his career in dancing. He loved Zumba dancing, which he improved with time. He now becomes a Zumba dance teacher. He shares a lot of dancing videos on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. In these videos, he teaches his students Zumba dancing, and the enjoyable way he teaches them expresses his passion for dancing. 

What is the reason behind his success?

To answer this question, he said that he always expressed his real self and did not bother about people. Plus, he respects the love of people, which he was given. He said, “I think I like to live as I want to. I don’t care what people think of my fashion. I want to be different than others.

Moreover, I like to respond to every comment, message, and truly admire people’s feedback about my fashion. Because these followers always tell you to improve something they think is not good enough. And everything I have achieved till now is because of my parent’s blessings and my audience’s support and love.”

What was the best experience for Gal as a Model?

Besides walking ramps, Gal has worked with many international magazines and appeared on various cover magazines. He loves to do modeling for all of them. When asked what his best ramp walk was was, he replied,

“That was Delhi Times fashion week magazine. I was wearing an exclusive Dress from the Reshma designer of India. From there, I got the attention of many fashion modeling designers; they offered many opportunities to go for a ramp walk with Indian celebrities.”

What celebrity does Gal admires the most?

In an interview, when he was asked which current celebrity he admires the most, he said,

“I admire Ranvir Singh because of his bold fashion style. He is always unmatched and has a vibrant choice and wears everything with comfort, confidence, and style.”

What advice Gal Stotland give to the start-ups?

When he was asked to give some advice to the new people in the industry and fashion bloggers, he said,

“When I started back in 2017, I did not have tons of followers, people to appreciate my efforts and fashion sense. I just had believed in myself. And I did whatever it took to make me happy and satisfied. Do the same for yourself. Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone around you. Everyone has different luck and tastes. Be yourself, seize your moment, make your move, and make yourself proud.”

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