Interview of Bhoomi Dilguri: Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

How a ordinary 18 year old Girl turned to a Tech YouTuber then turned to a Successful YouTuber from dehradun a.
Any story begins with a dream and without a direction. It is only those who find true happiness and joy in life. Fighting through and knowing what you want may not initially take you into your dreams, but over time everything happens.
Bhoomi Dilguri is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, a celebrity manager, a social media manager, and an influential figure. Bhoomi Dilguri has worked for more than 100 individual stars, influencers, and companies.
She was born on 19 july 2003 in dehradun. India. completed her higher education from The indian cambridge school in dehradun and then moved to Prince Institute of Innovative Technology Greater Noida for her further studies. Bhoomi dilguri loves learning new things on her own, and she is trying new concepts online with these things, which have already made a significant name in social media marketing.
Bhoomi dilgur is the single girl child of her parents. Her mother’s name is Mrs. Geeta dilguri, . Her sister is Dharni dilguri
Bhoomi dilguri is a proud Co-founder of Nik media and she wants to grow more and more in this field as an entrepreneur. Being ahead, she leads with front and helps her team to do better and learn the right things in social media marketing. You can even visit her Instagram @bhoomidilguri
India needs budding social media marketing entrepreneurs like bhoomi dilguri to move forward in a rapidly evolving IT world.
She also stared a few projects on women’s safety, and she was also awarded as Entrepreneur Young Achievers award in Dehradun.
She is also certified in Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked.
With time, she also started her news and media company, named Nikmedia with +90,000 active audience.
Bhoomi Dilguri is also an Instagram Influencer with more than 20,000 active audiences.
Bhoomi Dilguri has achieved success at a very young age of 17. At the age when teens are busy playing and chatting on social media, Bhoomi Changed her life and made her own identity. With the increase of Digitalization, Bhoomi made her successful in the technical field. In her free time, she used to watch the success stories of the YouTubers who became zero to hero in digital platforms.
Being in a Digital platform, she used to learn from hatred, and she drastically changed her content by her audience suggestions. Once in an interview, she said that “I may not be a good content creator for myself self, but my audience knows me better; they support me and love my content that I create.” Also, she said, “I was inspired by the movie Secret Superstar. This movie inspired me more and more to create my content.”
Bhoomi Dilguri is also known as the Tech Girl of the YouTube community. She used to manage everything from Dehradun

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