IntelCell Offers At-Home Repairs for Ultimate Comfort

It’s impossible to live without a smartphone these days. The convenience is simply unparalleled. Now, there is so much that can be done on a phone. Things such as editing documents and videos, investing and trading stock, and connecting with others from the other side of the planet are not only possible but extremely quick and easy with the use of a smartphone. The downside is, however, that smartphones often break. While that’s not the end of the world, taking the time to go into a repair shop is one of the most annoying errands.

The problem that most often occurs is long lines. People frequently wait for two or more hours to be attended to, which can be frustrating. However, a revolutionary cell phone company out of Quebec, Canada, has come up with a better way of doing things. IntelCell is innovating customer service and betting on care. They are going as far as coming to customers’ houses to do repairs when needed in order to ensure that no time or money is lost unnecessarily.

With the launch of IntelCare, customers can now get expert service from the comfort of their homes. With the pandemic and strict social-distancing guidelines that need to be observed, getting the care one needs at home is a true godsend. That way, people can avoid crowds and stress.

It’s no surprise that IntelCell is innovating its industry. After all, the company is owned by TripleOne, one of the world’s most successful ventures that is completely decentralized. That means that users from every corner of the globe come together to cast votes and invest in the business they see fit. IntelCell is only one example of the innovative ventures that TripleOne has chosen to support.

IntelCell prides itself on the fantastic customer service that they provide to everyone. With five locations across Quebec and 40 employees, they always give plenty of personal attention and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. IntelCell is effectively eliminating the long and frustrating lines. With this company, a customer can pick up the phone and call them for help without needing to listen to an automated recording or a pre-recorded song for half an hour on end.

IntelCell has a very diverse base of customers. From busy entrepreneurs who have a number of cell phones and need the best coverage and care, to moms who run entire households and need to stay on top of what everyone’s doing, the company caters to all. Their shop offers the latest technology in smartphones as soon as it’s released.

The shop at IntelCell even brings personality back to accessories with its wide variety of colorful cases, functional gadgets, and accessories at amazing prices. There are always hot offers cooking at IntelCell for its loyal supporters. Customers are truly excited about the company and claim that they’d never change their service ever again after having discovered IntelCell. The brand is becoming more than just a service; IntelCell is starting to be seen as a movement toward constant innovation and impeccable care.

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