There are so many youths in the world today, even adults, that are looking for how to gain financial freedom. Some have been successful, while a majority still find themselves where they began. But is there a way out for these people? Of course, there is. The story of Rhys Minett can be an inspiration for you to get yourself and your family out of poverty and achieving your goals.

You may be wondering who this man that we mentioned is. Well, Rhys Minett is a 21-year old entrepreneur from South Wales in the United Kingdom. He has been in the business and trading industry for more than one year now. He was formerly a bus and truck mechanic before he joined the industry. But he was able to quit the mechanic job just within 5 months of being in the industry. He is presently a full-time entrepreneur who desires to help other people to be successful in the same field.

As a source of inspiration and motivation, we are going to highlight the whole successes that he has, from his age to when he began to the amount of money he makes in a certain period.

  • A brief success story of Rhys Minett

Just like some teenagers, Rhys Minett was broke at the age of 19. But, his story changed in a short period after he has found the industry, and this was what made him quit his job as a mechanic. Nothing good comes easy and quick success does not guarantee sustainable long term success. Rhys Minett was aware of this fact, hence, working hard, and joining the BE company in October 2020. This was a big decision for him to make, and he took the bold step in deciding what is good for him.

Just within 6 weeks of partnering with BE, he could boast of about $13,000 every month when he was only 21 years old. That is not where it stops. He has also cleared a 6-figure income I trading FOREX, and he is now a certified FTMO trader who manages a capital of about $100,000. You can see how big the young man continues to grow.

  • Having an online presence

At a point, he was approached by popular media outlets that asked about how he wants to be perceived, then he boldly told them that he prefers online presence. This choice is a great one for him.

  • Making a good name

No matter what you do or where you work, you should try as much as possible to be among the best or to even be the best. This is what can help your dream come true just like Rhys Minett. He made a name for himself by being among the first and only markets in the MLM industry and in the country of Wales to hit a whopping 6-figure position.

In Rhys Minett’s family, no one has ever reached a 6-figure income or any other level of success, but he worked hard to break that yoke. So, if your family is making a low income, that does not mean that you cannot make higher than them. You can bring about a breakthrough in your family just like Rhys Minett.

  • Do not let obstacles stop your success

As we have said earlier, nothing good comes easy. There will always be obstacles. It can come from friends or even family. Rhys Minett also faced some obstacles before he got to where he is now. At the time he first started in the industry, his family and friends always discouraged him, telling him that he is never going to be successful with what he was doing because they feel that he was so young. But, he never listened to the negativity and he continued chasing his dreams. He made sure that he was fully focused on what he wants to achieve, and that made him to sacrifice relationships and friendships. This sacrifice that he made was what helped him to succeed. Remember that no one supported him when he first started, but when they realized that he has started to succeed and is making it, support started coming from people around him. He always remembers the quote “If it is not me, then who?”. You can as well personalize this saying as you work to become the light in your family, area, and also industry.

If you carefully look at the story of Rhys Minett, you will notice what made him successful. He made a lot of sacrifices and was determined. So, if you also want to be great in life, then you have to take some bold steps and be completely focused on what you want to achieve. There will always be obstacles, but do not let that be a stumbling block for you. You should be prepared to face these obstacles and also keep a positive mind that things would come out well, and you will be successful.

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