Having a clear vision to combat outside hackers and viruses as a certified ethical hacker is Saud Bin Ahmed from the UAE

The youngster is looking forward to dive deeper into the information security field and do much more for his nation.

Year after year, the world has been lucky enough to notice how youngsters from varied fields have been creating milestones in their respective fields. However, how many of us know what really goes behind the minds of these young talents that help them in their endeavours of life? Especially when it comes to unique industries like the information security in a nation like UAE, which is already a well-equipped and advanced country, one knows the kind of talent and skilled workforce they are giving birth to, to combat many viruses and outside hackers that pose a threat to the people and the nation as a whole. One such young and skilled man is Saud Bin Ahmed, who has initiated a fight of sorts against all these negative online elements that have the potential to harm the country with extortions, hacking, and the like.

Cybercrime has been on the rise since years and many parts of the world have produced skilled individuals who can help people stay away from all these viruses and malware. This is when youngsters like Saud Bin Ahmed enter the picture and act like warriors to protect their homeland from any kind of online threats, extortions, etc. He is a certified ethical hacker and has earned a degree in bachelors in business information system.

Born in 1985 in the UAE, all that Ahmed ever wanted was to be in and around anything that dealt with technology. Hence, since the age of 13, he began with his technical career, wherein he took out experiments and research on some electronic software. Slowly and steadily understanding the technicalities of what he was doing, by the year 2001 Ahmed was at a position where he could detect many gaps in over 4000 computers in the UAE. This, in turn, helped the youngster to come at the forefront of the industry and even go ahead in saving the lives of multiple families from issues like extortions, hacking from outside the country, etc.

Two years ago, Ahmed even established a company to work towards securing accounts and electronic systems and even finance more than 4000 cases of extortion, help in the recovery and insurance of personal and commercial accounts worldwide. Ahmed also has been putting incessant efforts to spread the awareness of cybercrime and the various issues related to the same among society.

Giving 19 long years to his career, Ahmed today, is one of the top international leaders in the field of information security and has been serving the whole of the Arab community as a responsible citizen as well as a responsible and skilled ethical hacker. His work in ethical hacking, identifying potential electronic data breaches and other cyber threats has even helped him earn many achievements and honours so far in his career; one being in 2013 when he became the first resident of his nation to dismantle the ransom virus which hid behind the emblem of the Ministry of Interior of the UAE.

His has even spread his knowledge across through newspaper articles about cybersecurity and has earned many other memberships and diplomatic honours.

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