Halloween 2020 celebrating with Doodle

They’re baaack!

This Halloween, they’re getting right where our 2016 Magic Cat Academy Doodle left off with an underwater scream quel!

Make a plunge with Momo the feline to support new companions and arrive at new profundities in her experience against the Big Boss apparition and its school of ghouls…underwater.

Cat fortunate? Swim and swipe to PURR-tect the sea and its animals before it’s past the point of no return!

The Levels : A profound jump

Level 1 — Sunlight Zone | Aquatic foe: Immortal Jellyfish

Fun Fact: When approaching passing, the Immortal Jellyfish can return to the polyp stage and start its life cycle once more—and can do so a boundless measure of times!

Level 2 — Twilight Zone | Aquatic foe: Boops Boops

Fun Fact: “Boops” gets from the Greek “boōps,” signifying “dairy animals eye.” In many dialects, the fish’s name alludes to its enormous, carriage eyes.

Level 3 — Midnight Zone | Aquatic foe: Vampire Squid

Fun Fact: The Vampire squid has no teeth and doesn’t chase prey! It lives off little, natural material that tumbles to the sea base known as “marine day off.”

Level 4 — The Abyss | Aquatic foe: Anglerfish

Fun Fact: Talk about a fish gone fishin’. Rather than chasing, the Anglerfish utilizes its esca (or adjusted blade beam) to draw prey. The esca can enlighten on account of microorganisms!

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