Free, trustworthy and quick- focuses on teachers and enhances learning activity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised significant challenges for the higher
education community worldwide. A particular challenge has been the
urgent and unexpected request for previously face-to-face learning to go
online. Online teaching and learning imply a certain ‘pedagogical content
knowledge’ (PCK), mainly related to designing and organising for better
learning experiences and creating distinctive learning environments, with
the help of digital technologies and their respective tools.

EdTech venture Live Learning bridges various learning gaps and
provides a platform to make online learning productive and hassle free.
Live Learning provides a range of tools that can assist teachers and
educators to embrace more productivity and results.

Krishna Gupta, Founder and CEO of Live Learning, started this
venture to ease like for teachers and enhance their teaching circle.
He says, ” With online teaching, the world is your platform. Sure w
assist teachers to teach their immediate group of students. Still
there’s no restriction on how much more they can do with our
website supported app. The idea is to make teaching quick and
seamless while also providing a global platform. Students from the
USA and Canada can now enrol in a course offered by a small
town Hindi teacher or an Indian farmer learning farming skills from
experts in Mexico. The sky’s the limit. The world is their oyster.”

Live Learning is very easy and convenient to use. The concept and
functionality of Live Learning revolves around the idea that teaching
requires considerably more than delivering subject content knowledge to
students, and that student learning is considerably more than absorbing
information for later accurate regurgitation. The app provides tools that
make teaching a fun-filled and lasting experience for teachers and

Setting up a teacher’s account takes a few seconds by following merely three simple steps. Then the educators have access to a variety of means to assist their teaching process. Integration of apps allows teachers to use Live Learning to do more than stream live classes. Examples of integrations include but are not limited to Google, Facebook and Spotify.

Live Learning is also the first web application to offer a simple ‘Payment
Gateway’ feature. Teachers can charge for their online classes; keep track of all their earnings and get paid directly in their account.

“I want to make Live Learning a hub for teachers where they have all the tools at their disposal ,” said Krishna.

Optimised (works on phones, tablets, and computers) video calling at any time and location with a decent Internet connection. No installation of any kind is required. It also promotes and encourages the ‘anytime, anywhere learning’ intention in a student.

Coupled with Live Learning are other tools and resources that help not
only the teachers but also students. Live Learning makes study exciting
and prepares students for the digital era that lies ahead of them. allows teachers to charge for their classes at a very
minimal transaction fee and no hidden charges. This is done to empower
teachers and educators in their educational endeavours.

Live Learning also provides an enriching and comprehensive community
of leads, resources, and tools to teachers. It gives them access to a
range of books and newsletters and business connections globally
needed by a teacher for effective pedagogical practice in a
technology-enhanced learning environment.

A couple of other features and facilities are expected to roll out in the
coming months. Stay tuned for all the upcoming details of this new
EdTech business. To checkout the features, head to

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