Fitness Lover and a Versatile Personality: Nick E Stahl

One common understanding among the public related to health and fitness is that it is always for personal well-being and one’s fitness and affects only his/her life. Social media is the best avenue to change this mindset and a lot of the individuals and pages aim to affect the lives of millions of their followers. Nick E Stahl is a big name among them.

Nick’s Instagram handle @nickstahlofficial has been rated in the top 1% of the influencers in the Fitness Community across the world. He was nominated for the first ever World’s Social Media Influencer Awards, in Monaco in 2018. His Instagram story ”Monaco” recalls that special moment of his life. Nick has competed in many body building competitions and is a two time Nationally Qualified Physique Competitor. He was placed and qualified both on the eastern and western coasts at the North American Championships.

Nick was born and brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nick’s childhood was full of adventure and he had acquired a lot of sporting skills with his father. He was very enthusiastic about rollerblading and it was his favorite way to get in shape and was very absorbing to him. He and his dad used to go for deer hunting season by traveling through Pennsylvania every year. He also used to go boating, fishing, and water skiing with his father. These activities were not only fun but also shaped his life and his interests.

He became passionate about weightlifting at a very young age when he was only in 8 th grade. To get he started, his father used to set up his weight benches and showed him the right movements. According to him, his father has contributed a lot to his present-day success. He also started playing football after he gained muscle and he currently plays on the weekends during Pittsburgh Steelers Games. Along with all these, he also loves painting and is an amazing artist. He has won several art Competitions.

Nick moved to LA to work as an actor and tried several acting classes and signed with Mike Gerard at Esprit Talent Agency. He is a versatile personality curious for all sorts of adventure and experience. These amazing traits of his charismatic are one that every individual aspires to. He has been influencing young and old to stay fit and healthy and we all hope that he gets to achieve a lot more in the future.

Photography Credits: Isabel Svensson & David Anthony

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