Farshad Amini , famous Iranian (Kurdish) singer

Farshad Amini is the second child in the family Born on 25/4/1988 in Kermanshah province, Paveh city

He has a master’s degree in industrial management.

Farshad Amini entered the world of music as a teenager, following the example of his older brother named Farzad and Professor Osman Horami.

In fact, his main motivation was his brother.

Farshad Amini can be named as one of the most popular Kurdish singers at the moment because he has fans all over

Iran and Iraq who have given concerts with a capacity of several thousand people.

He has released over 500 professional songs so far, which these days appear on many global networks such as NRT, etc.

and are welcomed. He is very interested in charity work and so far has many social responsibilities.

Farshad Amini is now known as a celebrity because he is a good-sounding person. Good face. Literate. He is a benefactor and a people.