Ely Boaz- Rules The Instagram with Social giveaways

Giveaways have always proved to be beneficial, it results in very high engagement and if used correctly can lead to wonders in the field of Digital Marketing. But one should be wise enough to control the audience as per their needs, using giveaways as a bait can prove a threat to the marketer himself if proper strategic analysis is not done. Ely Boaz, is a pro in this field, he knows how to play his game safely and ace it without a hassle. Boaz is 25 years old and hails from Kiryat Ono. He runs an advertising agency Social giveaways. The clients are mainly based in US and Israel.

Boaz is the ultimate Insta Mogul as he has mastered one of the most complex algorithms and has reached new heights of engagement and growth with his page- “Social giveaways”. Boaz has collaborated with huge names such as – Lil Pump, Tyga, Kway, Sommer Ray, and American Rap Sensation Mulatto as well to name a few. Basically,the agency collaborates with famous celebrities who offer Giveaways to people.And followers of these celebs can engage in marketing activities after following the Instagram pages of celebrities and their customers. This way, the agency helps to bring exposure to its customers’ pages to boost their brand value. This new way of engagement has set the whole digital marketing world on fire. Thanks to Boaz’s ultimate entrepreneurial skills and accurate analysis of the platform.

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