History of Dubai, an overview of Dubai in the eyes of Yahoo Magazine

Dubai The Persian Gulf, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates,

is one of the most modern cities in the world.

This bustling city is located in the south of our beloved country,

Iran, and has a beautiful collection of the best and most

exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East. Of course, the beauty of Dubai has reached not only the people of the region

but also the ears of the world, and many wealthy foreign tourists

choose the Dubai tour for a luxurious and special trip.


As you know, Iranians also go to this beautiful Arab city on the shores of the Persian Gulf every year. Dubai has a hot climate

Traveling in the summer can be very frustrating. In contrast to winter and early spring, the weather is mild and mild.

It is not bad to know that in the beginning, Dubai was just a very small area that

with the discovery of oil resources around it in 1966,

the city developed significantly economically, and today at Dubai International Airport,

all flights from major cities in the world and other

countries It is done directly, and despite the large oil resources around Dubai,

only 6% of the modern city’s revenue comes from crude oil

exports, so Dubai’s economy is certainly not dependent on oil resources,

and tourism accounts for a large share of revenue generation.


It is the city and other sources of income include the construction of commercial buildings,

also Dubai hotels receive more than one million

travelers each year and the largest number of tourists in the first days of the New Year in We see this city.

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This beautiful city has many entertainment and sightseeing places, each of which has its own unique charm. That is why the relatively fledgling

tourism industry is the best and most effective source of income in this city and every year many interested

people and travelers from Iran.


And other places to visit beautiful and magnificent places to travel to this dream city and know that a week

stay in tall and very beautiful towers

with full amenities may be the dream of every person and we know that the coastal scenery

The city is very eye-catching and unique,and the

warm climate of Dubai not only does not diminish the charm of this area, but also adds to the beauty of the city’s beaches.

In Dubai restaurants you can taste a variety of delicious dishes such as seafood,

Arabic, European and a variety of dishes.

Despite the vast oil resources surrounding Dubai, only six percent of the modern city’s revenue comes from crude oil exports.

History of Dubai

Less than two centuries ago, Dubai was one of the villages of Abu Dhabi’s elders.

It became a successful port at the beginning of the twentieth century, and by

the middle of the twentieth century Dubai had a population

of about twenty thousand, a quarter of whom were immigrants,

and with the advent and accumulation of mud in the 1950s, the result

It was an increase in the number of ships that used it,

the then ruler of Dubai, the late Dubai Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum,

thought of dredging this waterway, and although at first this decision was very ambitious, costly and seemingly impractical However,

it increased the volume of transportation to this city and finally strengthened Dubai’s position as a hu

for re-export and more trade.


With the discovery of oil in Dubai, oil revenues were used to develop Dubai’s infrastructure, and schools, hospitals,

roads, an advanced telecommunications network, and much more were built and continued to grow at the speed of light,

and the largest The Port of the World was built in Jabal Ali, followed by a free zone around the port,

and after a while the

reasons for the progressive development of the modern city of Dubai were revealed to the world, such as dream leadership,

quality infrastructure, immigrant-friendly environment, zero Percentage taxes on personal income and companies and low import

duties were among these rapid developments, thus quickly becoming a tourist and commercial hub in the Middle East, which today

extends from Egypt to the Indian subcontinent and from South Africa to countries The Commonwealth is called widespread.


The United Arab Emirates, under the presidency of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, became

one of the richest countries in the world with a per capita GDP of more than $ 17,000 a year,

built in the late 2000s due to the global financial crisis.

And the real estate system also faced problems and faced a bad recession for three years,

but despite all the problems, it was able to improve itself with a gradually organized and continuous program,

and thus, these days, this city as a They know the successful and important world and commercial city in the region.

The language and religion of the people in Dubai

The official language of the people of Dubai is Arabic and everyday conversations are usually done in this language,

but due to the presence of tourists and immigrants,

English is also very popular and also due to the high migration to this

city from Asian countries, Hindi, Persian, Bengali and Chinese is also used among the people,

and the next case is that the official religion of the UAE is Islam, as well as the Hindu, Baha’i,

Christian and Buddhist minorities living in this city.

Geographical location and population of Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities of the United Arab Emirates and is the most important city in the country,

which is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, and the cities of Abu Dhabi to the south,

Sharjah to the north and Oman to the southeast are bordered by this city,

as mentioned It is located in the south of Iran and is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

It covers an area of ​​4,114 square kilometers and is located exactly in the Arabian Desert,

facing the Western Stone Mountains

along the Dubai border with Oman and even There is a way and you will not see any river or natural settlement

because it is nothing

more than a desert but it has a small natural bay called Dubai Creek and it is deep enough that large ships can cross it.

It extends northwest to southeast and divides the city into Deira and Dubai.


Deira is surrounded by the emirate of Sharjah in the east and the city of Al-Awir in

the south, and Dubai International Airport is in the south,

while Palm Deira is in the north of Deira and the Persian Gulf, as is the port of Rashid. ,

Jabal Ali, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and commercial

areas such as Business Bay are located in the west of Khor, ie on Dubai,

and Sheikh Zayed Road with its skyscrapers is a caress in this part of the city,

Dubai is actually a new part of Dubai And because government officials plan to turn it into a very modern city,

it is progressing very fast.

The culture and customs of the people of Dubai

The culture and customs of the people of Dubai have very strong roots in the Arab Islamic tradition, and as you know,

Islam is more than a

tradition, and it is a way of life that governs all worldly life from dressing to eating and drinking, so ,

UAE culture and heritage are closely related

to its religion, however, the UAE, in addition to the Islamic and official culture of the country, is welcoming and tourists are free in all cases,

for example, serving alcohol in hotels and clubs. At night, dressing freely and the like are also less discriminatory

for women and the people are very polite and

hospitable and tourists encounter the warm and friendly behavior of the Emirati people

and it can be seen that different nationalities have no problem with each other. They live and work together.

It should be noted that polygamy is legal and practiced in the

UAE because Islam has allowed men to have four wives at the same time,

and despite the UAE’s rapid economic growth over the past 30 years, its leaders are eager to promote cultural events. And sports that reflect their

traditions, for the article can be referred to hunting with hawks,

camel riding, or the rite of passage of Arabic culture in the poetry of dance,

songs and traditional arts acclaimed and celebrations and weddings Sur There are colorful events of music and banquets.

Currency in Dubai

The currency in the UAE, and of course the modern city of Dubai, is the dirham,

denoted by the abbreviation AED,and is usually available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 dirham banknotes.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai is a desert city, very hot and dry, with an average temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius,

and this city is also warm in winter, so that the coldest winter night is 24 degrees Celsius,

so if you want to go to this hot city. Be sure to travel for spring or winter, of course,

if you love the heat, it will be pleasant in all seasons, but in summer, due to the excessive humidity in the air,

it is not a good time to travel to this city.