Dr. Johnny Castellar an expert in eye rejuvenation and facial aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Johnny Castellar is a renowned Spanish ophthalmologist, specialist in oculoplastic surgery.

We asked him a few questions to get to know him better!

What is the surgery you perform most often?

Within oculoplasty, I perform many types of surgery: the laxative route, reconstructive, correction of eyelid malpositions, etc., but I specialized in the esthetic part and the surgery I perform most is the esthetic surgery of the eyelids or blepharoplasty.

Which patients do you treat?

I deal with patients of all ages. Especially in young patients, the most popular treatments are the correction of dark circles under the eyes, moisturizing and lip augmentation and jaw marking. In older patients, the treatment I perform most is the full-face treatment, which consists of treatment with botulinum toxin, tensile threads and hyaluronic acid to give them support and improve the entire facial structure. This would be a complete facial rejuvenation. Before, women were the ones who resorted to aesthetic medicine treatments, but this trend is changing and there are more and more men who seek to take care of themselves and improve their facial aesthetics.

Do you work with Instagram?

Yes, Instagram is one of my main working tools. Through this social network most of my patients have met me.
I am an aesthetic doctor and I often post photographs where you can see the physical changes of the people I treat.

I often operate and treat influencers, footballers, actors and celebrities who share it on their networks and this has allowed me to become known.

You can find me on instagram as @doctor_castellar

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