Dr. Amir Feily is a Dermatologist in Iran

Dr. Amir Feily (born in Shiraz) is a dermatologist and hair specialist. He is known as one of the best dermatologists in Iran.

By creating the Feily method, he made a huge change in the field of hair transplantation in the world and brought it to the world record,

which made him known all over the world.

He also invented some intresting methods in the feild of laser treatment for truma and acne scars and also melasma and got

very exellent results in the treatment of resistant cases. Dr. Feily has won many awards in this field, one of the most important of which is the Razi Festival nominee award.

He participates in the world’s major skin and hair conferences every year and as a lecturer in these conferences,

he expresses interesting contents of his research. Dr. Feily has published around 100 articles so far.

Most skin and hair magazines in the world use Dr. Feily’s articles to complete their magazine.

Dr. Amir Feily is mentioned in the biggest skin and hair articles in the world. He is still patenting his new inventions.