Brexit Deal: Important points of deal between UK and EU revealed

By signing the Brexit deal with the European Union just six days before its expiration date, the United Kingdom not only gave its people a Christmas present but also ensured that they had long-standing relations with other European countries.

This article provides readers with some of the key points of the agreement between the British Government and the European Union.


From January 1, there will be no additional tariffs on trade between the UK and the EU, nor will there be any limit on trade. However, there will be a more rigorous inspection of goods at the border and the goods to be sent for customs.

The situation is not yet clear for those involved in the finance and service industries. Remember that this is a very important industry for the British economy and after this agreement they will not have easy access to Europe as before.

But the government says the agreement will “ensure market access for almost every sector.” The professional qualifications of doctors, nurses and other professionals will not be recognized immediately.


If British citizens spend more than 90 days in a six-month period in European countries, they will need a visa to travel to EU countries.

They will be heavily checked at the border and their EU passports for pets will not be usable.

Fishery industry

Following the agreement, the UK will become an independent coastal state, which means it can decide who can fish in British waters. EU boats can still fish in British waters for the next few years, but British boats will get 25% of the value of the fish they catch.

The series will run for five-and-a-half years, after which Britain and the European Union will hold regular talks to move into each other’s territory.

European Court of Justice

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Britain will no longer be bound by the ruling of the European Court of Justice.


The UK will now have to apply for access to key databases and information.


Following the agreement, the UK will no longer be part of the Erasmus program for students from other EU countries. Instead, a new scheme will be launched, named after renowned mathematician Alan Turing.

Students studying at the Universities of Northern Ireland can participate in the Erasmus program following arrangements made with the Irish government.

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