BobbyJayTV is in The Frontline To Inspire and Help The Youngsters

Having started small, the Influencer, entrepreneur, and fitness trainer, can finally see that he has made significant milestones. Bob Jacobs, also known as BobbyJayTV, came to the USA to pursue the American Dream. He was fresh from Monrovia, Liberia, where there were civil wars. 

Innovative from childhood

BobbyJayTV was always explorative and had the urge to try new things. He started a group in high school called “FBN,” which stands for Fly Boy Nation. He wanted to create a movement to shine a light on his city and also bring the youth together as a unit. Growing up in a rough environment with so many talents but not enough opportunities, he wanted to pave the way for the youth. Fly Boy Nation consists of singers, rappers, models, athletes, and many more. His hard work and dedication have gotten him noticed by the senator of New Hampshire. BobbyJayTV was invited to a talk tv show with Senator Kevin Avard.

One on one with BobbyJayTV

In an interview with BobbyJayTV, he mentioned that the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur is all he ever wanted since he was young. “Being established as an entrepreneur is a  blessing and so much freedom. I love the fact I’m my own boss,” he said. 

He further advised the youth to have a vision and pursue it by believing in themselves. “Take risks,” he said as he continues, “do not wish for it but work for it,” BobbyJayTV said.

“Watch your circles,” BobbyJayTV continued to warn the youngsters. He focused on the willing and helpful people in his growth journey and shunned the bad friends who were only after wasting time. He had never regretted taking that step. 

Keep working

BobbyJayTV has always worked hard to achieve his goals, whether with music, fitness, or creating content. Sleepless nights and networking with a vast amount of people are what helped the multifaceted creative excel. Knowing exactly what he wants, in the future, he sees himself as an entrepreneurial mogul making millions to support himself along with his family. BobbyJayTV is the prime example of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

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