Bcoo ,Famous musician of Iran and the Middle East

Bcoo was born on ( January 1, 2001 Torbat Heydariyeh ) is an Iranian musician, actor and actress. consequently

He is nicknamed bcoo in music, which stands for be Careful of Originality.

Javad is a graduate of Khayyam University of Mashhad with a degree in Business Administration. consequently


Javad is the founder of cpersian brand and label, cpersian is a music label

that supports young and talented artists and is also a clothing brand.


  • Be careful of Originality 2020
  • Traditional and industrial 2020
  • Khakestar & Barf 2016
  • Madtane 2014
  • Tehran, Tehran 2010
  • Bcoo
  • consequently

Music ( musician )

He is the owner of the mixed album, in which the traditional style and the new style

of music are mixed, which has created the traditional and industrial style of music. consequently

Famous musician of Iran and the Middle East , Bcoo
Special cartoon for this singer

Movie Composer:

  • Traditional and industrial
  • Be Careful of Originality
  • Hezarpa
  • Raving Iran
  • Khakestar & Barf
  • Bcoo

musician consequently

CPERSIAN is a clothing and music label company founded by Javad Safaee and has been operating since 2018.

This company is one of the first labels supporting the fourth generation of Persian rap music.

The goal of this company is to support new and talented artists in the styles of rap, R&B, Old School, pop, etc.

The company has also made several documentaries about Persian rap artists.