Arshia Einehdinipoor : Crypto Currency Analyst ,Trader,Author and speaker.From Entrepreneurship and Business to The Wolf Of Crypto

Arshia Einehdinipoor : Entrepreneur and Businessman , Crypto Currency Investor, Crypto Currency Analyst, Crypto Currency Trader.

International Crypto Currency , Entrepreneurship and Business Seminar Speaker, Born on 12/2002 19 in Tehran and currently resides in Turkey.

Of Arshia’s professions we can mention:Crypto Currency Analyst, Investor in Crypto currencies and startups in this field.

Author of “The Wolf Of Crypto”, Speaker of International seminars and webinars of Crypto currencies,Entrepreneurship and Business outside Iran.

Designer in the field of Crypto currencies with the aim of using crypto currencies in activities, transactions,

as well as replacing blockchain ​​in everyday financial and non-financial application systems. Started crypto currencies in 2015.

Designer of startups related to Crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Thank you for accepting our interview invitation at “Yahoo magazine”.

Can you give us a brief overview of the world of Crypto currencies in simple language?

Please, thank you for your invitation, these days, when the situation of Crypto currencies is favorable and they

are mentioned as an emerging phenomenon with many applications, the need to know and become aware of them is more than ever.

Banks, financial institutions, governments and investors have noticed these currencies sooner than anyone else.

In addition to realizing the importance and capacity of Crypto currency, they are also a little scared and worried about the presence of this newcomer in the market.

As mentioned, financial exchanges and transactions with Crypto cryptocurrencies are much less expensive than traditional methods of the past.

As a result, it is obvious that financial institutions and banks will feel a little risky.

Arshia Einehdinipoor

Of course, despite all the talk about the replacement of Crypto currencies with real currencies, everything about these currencies is still speculative,

and even governments, engineers, experts and experts in the world of economics, trade and various markets.

They do not have enough information in this regard.

One of the main reasons for this is the highly specialized mechanism of all currencies. In fact, the knowledge of governments,

experts and much less is enough to be able to analyze this new phenomenon well.

Do you think the fate of Crypto currencies is white or black?

Crypto currencies are expanding rapidly. About 10 years have passed since their appearance in the world, and in this short period of time,

they have created enough controversy and news.

In 2018, Crypto currencies did not fare well, and despite forecasts, their value did not change as much as expected.

But in 2019, everything changed for the better. Changes that give all stakeholders in the Crypto currency market hope for a bright future.

The fact is that the mechanism and context in which Crypto currencies operate has a huge potential for growth and activity in various industries and areas.