Amir Motlagh , Iranian director

Amir Motlagh is an Iranian director born on 9/20/1982 in Kashan.


  • Artistic and press activity since 2001
  • Collaboration with publications and magazines of that time
  • In various positions such as: photographer, journalist, art director, editor, deputy director and executive director
  • In publications such as: film and art, today’s cinema, daily cinema, family cinema, cottage, blizzard, Borna, world, memory, morning of freedom, deliberation and life, first look and ….
  • From 2006 to 2011, I worked in filmmaking projects.
  • As Assistant Director, Public Relations

Film education in directing

In 2012, I received a license to make my first film from the Ministry of Guidance, but for some reason it was not made.

In 2006, as a singer, I sang an album in the field of pop music, but I did not release it,

but I attended and sang charitable performances, celebrations and wars.

I started the absolute TV network in 2016 and established it.