Amir Mohsen Moradian Famous Iranian personality

Biography of Mohsen Moradian known as Amir Mohsen Moradian. Amir Mohsen Moradian was born on May 9 , 1988 in Tehran.

He graduated in civil engineering with a major in dam and network. He never worked in his related field of study.

Amirmohsen Moradian has been in the community of medical equipment manufacturers after about 10 years (since 2010).

He has started his official activity in the field of medical equipment with the registration of a brand named Homa and a company called Homa Teb Persian.

During this years he has been able to launch various products such as disposable medical gloves ,hats and masks , cotton swab and patient medical pads.

He is the son of Morteza Moradian his father known as ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to countries such as Denmark and

North Korea, because of his father and the lifestyle of his ex-wife he has severally attacked and criticized the political activities.

Among these news margins was the story of his wedding with Anashid Hosseini ,which became the headline of the most domestic and foreign news agencies in 2018.

His ex-wife Anashid Hosseini was a designer of Islamic clothing, she was able to surpass her rivals and become

famous; this issue put pressure on their life and this was the reason of their divorce.

News agency and media didn’t stop destroying these couple even after their separation.

They tried to falsely show the reason for the couples separation as Amirmohsen Moradian‘s relationship with Rayhaneh Parsa (cinema artist)

and after the failures of this project again the names of Amirmohsen and Anashid become the headline of news agencies.

Generally Amirmohsen can be called a famous entrepreneur who is famous more for his fringes than his work and entrepreneurship.

Now if we want to provide a summary of Amirmohsen‘s biography we can say: the son of the ambassador , entrepreneur and blogger.