Amir Hossein Ipekchi is a famous Iranian football player and figure

Amir Hossein Ipekchi started his football career by participating in youth teams,

and by strengthening and working on his football talent and unremitting efforts,

he was able to join the Persepolis Tehran team in 2011 and play as a midfielder.

He left the Persepolis team after a while, but according to Amir Hossein Ipekchi,

playing in Persepolis is still the best period of his life.

After leaving Persepolis, he joined the Iranian Parseh team in the first division

and spent the rest of his football career in Iran in this team from 2013 to 2016.

Parseh Iranian football team initially operated completely independently and after some time

under the supervision of Badran Company and as Badran football team.

Despite the presence of Amir Hossein in the Iranian Parseh team,

his efforts to return to the popular Tehran team, Persepolis, continued, but unfortunately,

the wrong policies of this Tehran club make Iranian football talents interested in the Persepolis team,

such as Aipkchi and Payam Sadeghian and many others Say goodbye to football or miss your heyday.

Amir Hossein Ipekchi left the team after three years of colorful presence in the Iranian Parseh team and emigrated to Turkey.

After entering Turkey and starting training, he was able to step

on the ball again and play for a team in the Turkish Second Division League.