Abhishek Verma, leading celebrity makeup artist in Bollywood and Punjab film industry

Abhishek Verma aka “Abhishek Makeovers” has always believed in his talents and passion, and remaining dedicated to work for all these years has brought him to such great heights today. Passionate artists have a unique talent of making every customer happy and fully satisfied and their success trail is everlasting.
Abhishek Verma start his career in this field at the basic level. But today, he is working with some of the celebrated artists in the Bollywood and Punjab film industry. In fact, his journey, from small-town Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to the city beautiful, Chandigarh, is nothing less than inspiring. Abhishek was quite interested in the aesthetics of the human personality right since the beginning, that is why, he got the courage to opt for such an unusual career choice.
His Instagram handle, abhishek.makeovers, is full of the success stories that they have painted over the years with the help of their make-up kit and an innate sense of beauty and glamour. All those beautiful faces of happy brides, glowing with their own inner happiness as well as with the magic created by Abhishek Makeovers!
Today, Abhishek Verma is not only make-up artist, but have upgraded to being cosmetologists, of repute. Their reputation precedes them everywhere. So, it is not surprising at all that they get to handle clients from everywhere, both India and abroad. Besides, they are also busy in training the next generation of make-up experts and cosmetologists.
his personal touch to every client’s work lends them the credibility that many regular make-up artists lack in.
If you take a look at their social media page, you would know that they are no ordinary artists. They represent the new breed of young professionals, for whom the client is the God and their work, their worship!

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