abdul Wasee Rahimi Popular Afghan youtuber

abdul Wasee Rahimi is an Afghan youtuber (born on May 11, 1997 in Herat).

Abdul Wasee officially started his work in 2018.

He has sung songs in the local style and non-verbal and pop, he is also making his new album.

Skills and methods of practicing singing and singing

  • Practice a lot, consistently and correctly
  • The art of listening
  • Sound preparation and heating
  • Try to read aloud
  • Patience in doing exercises
  • Listen to old songs
  • Self-confidence in singing
The main steps and simple but effective tips to start practicing singing at home

In order to be a good and attentive singer, you must first pay attention to your family.

Let them hear your voice and ask them to tell you your problems. You must do the following exercises:

  • Relax your vocal cord chords before you start reading
  • Do not force yourself to read with high notes
  • Drink plenty of lukewarm drinks
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Define the right time to practice breathing while singing
  • Modify and test
  • Enjoy your reading (bag with yourself)
  • Persevere

To sing among people, you must be able to control your voice. abdul Wasee Rahimi

You must learn to keep your balance. The following is about this: Pay attention to them:

Start reading fan or soft and light:

This type of start has a quiet sound and can also help the reader control the amount of air.

Choir leaders often use a fan start during singing to avoid potential tensions.

Start reading hard and hard

Starting high-pressure reading is a method that begins with a vowel (like in Iran) that is performed in an exaggerated way.

In this case, first the vocal cords are completely closed and compressed, and then gradually come out of this state. abdul Wasee Rahimi

Start reading harmoniously or in a balanced way

This method of starting in singing is a combination of the two previous methods and somewhere between the two.

In the first case, the vocal cords were opened before singing and then closed, while in the second case, the vocal cords were closed before singing.