A Model with a Head for Business

Bonnie Locket means business! The gorgeous Brit is a well-rounded entrepreneur that has a knack for turning good ideas into profit. With businesses in web cam modeling and property rentals, a past dancers’ agency, and an OnlyFans account that produced $400,000 in only eight months, Bonnie knows how to crush her goals. Not only is Bonnie a professionally trained dancer, singer, and actor, she also runs multiple companies, and is taking the social media industry by storm. Her platforms, including Instagram at 400,000 followers, and Tik Tok at over one million followers, are thriving like nobody’s business. Her latest reward? A Ferrari California T, a little reminder of how far this business has taken her.

Bonnie has always wanted to strike it big. As mentioned, the girl can sing, dance, act, and run multiple businesses. Bonnie has even starred in the UK tour of “High School Musical.” She has also appeared in a sizzling Ann Summers campaign. Bonnie began an OnlyFans account in mid-March 2020, and earned over $400k in just eight months, putting her at the top 0.06% of creators worldwide! A hot girl who loves fast cars? Yes, that’s Bonnie Locket for you! Her first big purchase was a Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of over $100,000. Then came a Mercedes AMG GTS Edition One, and her current baby: the Ferrari.

Despite her love of KFC, Bonnie keeps her figure in shape by learning and filming impressive Tik Tok routines every day. And it shows. Her bikini posts are smoldering, and it has amassed a huge following for the 32-year-old. Bonnie first started modeling via webcam, but soon realized the earning potential when her fanbase exploded in a short time. That is when she bought the Lamborghini. She went from living in a 3-bedroom penthouse to a massive, stunning barn conversion in Surrey. “My goal is to buy a nice plot of land and build my dream home,” she says. It is looking like that is a very realistic goal for Bonnie, as everything she touches seems to turn to gold!

Being in the public eye has it’s drawbacks, though. Along with all of the publicity, there have been bullies and online trolls. Mostly, Bonnie has found a community of supportive, like-minded people online. However, there have been some situations that have called on Bonnie to tap into her inner strength. “I have had to channel my inner warrior,” she says. “I have a thicker skin now, so I can handle the rude comments.” 

Internet trolls aside, Bonnie is grateful to be able to work from home, or anywhere in the world, doing something she loves. Bonnie spends her time binge watching reality shows, spending time with family and friends, and of course, being with her cherished dogs. “Without my dogs, I really don’t know where I’d be,” she says. She is also a mean cook and loves putting her twist on traditional recipes for when she hosts dinner parties.

Bonnie says that she tells newcomers to stay true to themselves, not be afraid to turn down the wrong offers, and to keep their eyes squarely on their goals. She says confidence, determination, and doing what is right for you (not anyone else) are the keys to making it as an influencer and successful model. “When I started out, I would fall into the traps of comparison, get really upset at the mean comments, and find it hard to not get overwhelmed.” Now, Bonnie says that the hard knocks and financial wins have created a much stronger sense of self.

We can expect to see a lot more of Bonnie in the future. She has plans to increase her online presence, provide fresh content to her fans, and incorporate her keen sense of humor into her content, too.

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