9 Hidden Features of PS5

There are a lot of concealed highlights in the PS5 that Sony hasn’t generally yelled about at this time, so they will run you through 9 of them, including Trophy changes, Accessibility alternatives, and customization.

They know a ton about the PlayStation 5, similar to its graphical ability, execution capacities, and obviously, its games. However, Sony has been hush-hush about the PS5 UI, and significantly, all the new things they’ll have the option to do inside it.

In the video above, they walk you through nine new things that you would now be able to do on the PlayStation 5.

Some are concealed somewhere down in menus yet are well worth searching out, such as setting your camera, caption, and trouble inclinations at a framework level to naturally apply to games that help it.

There are likewise cool new changes to Trophies, and augmentations to Profiles, similar to the Accolade framework and having the option to perceive how much recess you’ve placed into a game.

They likewise call attention to concealed PlayStation images on the DualSense regulator and on the PlayStation 5 comfort itself.

There are cool changes to the Game Library, how you store PS4 games, and changes to your screen captures and video cuts. There’s a great deal to experience, so watch the video to maximize your PS5.

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They additionally have bunches of other PlayStation 5 substance, including load time examinations between the PS4 and PS5, and a gander at in reverse similarity.

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