10 Ways Technology Is Changing Healthcare


The advancement of digital health technologies is changing the shape of the healthcare future in front of our eyes. Being familiar with this technology and how it can revolutionize healthcare is important to control the technology and move forward.

The following 10 are advancements or you can say the ways technology can play a role in changing healthcare.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence with its features has the potential to revolutionise healthcare completely. With its algorithm, we can mine medical records that in the future help us to create drugs way faster as compared to the past and design treatments accordingly.

2. Virtual Reality: 

Virtual reality has changed the lives of people that include patients and physicians as well. According to experts from Assignment Geek, in the future, you might see yourself wandering on an island while lying on a hospital bed for surgery in actual. Future and existing surgeons are being trained to perform operations by using virtual reality as well.

3. Augmented Reality:

It is different from virtual reality in two aspects. One is the user does not lose the touch with actual reality and the other is it enables the information to be put in eyesight as quickly as possible. This will make AR a driving force for healthcare in the future as it is beneficial for both the patients and medical students.

4. Healthcare Gadgets (Trackers, Sensors, Wearables):

Healthcare primarily works on two major goals. One is to treat the patients and the other is to encourage the individual to take care of themselves to avoid diseases. These healthcare trackers, sensors, and wearable are playing a key role for an individual to monitor his/her health.

5. Medical Tricorder:

The dream of a healthcare professional of having one powerful device that can help them diagnose every disease has come true. The medical tricorder is that omnipotent device to do so even though only on screen.

6. Genome Sequencing:

Illumina, a DNA sequencing giant is working to build a machine that can make the genetic test much cheaper. They have recently unveiled the machine that is still work in progress toward its goal of a cost-effective genetic test. With a cheap genetic test, you can know much more about you to take better care of yourself.

7. Revolutionizing Drug Development:

The traditional method of developing a new drug is too expensive and too long. With technologies such as artificial intelligence and in silico trials have the potential to make it cheaper and faster.

8. Nanotechnology:

The dawn of nanomedicine is not far away due to fast and abrupt advancement in technology. Nanoparticles and Nanodevices will soon be a reality and will be able to operate precise cancer treatment tools, drug delivery systems, and tiny surgeons.

9. Robotics:

The potential of robotics in healthcare is worth knowing. From surgical robots to pharmabotics and exoskeletons to disinfectant robots all are growing faster and helping the healthcare professionals for the betterment of humanity.

10. 3D Printing:

 3D printing is a wonder-full innovation. It has enabled humans now to print artificial limbs, pills, bio tissues, blood vessels, and many other organs. The list will keep increasing in the future. 

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